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Help us with our message in Morgantown & Monongalia County. Donate today to support our campaign to win WV House 81.

Give up to $250 using the simple form. By donating, you agree to our Privacy Policy.

Make checks payable to “Harris for House” and mail to:
P.O. Box 4172
Morgantown, WV 26504
Attention: David Coram, Treasurer

NOTE: Donations are not deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes. Maximum contribution for individuals, PACs and labor organizations is $2,800 per candidate, per election cycle. Corporations are prohibited from donating. Contributions from foreign nationals are prohibited by law. For contributions more than $250, state law requires that we collect and report address, occupation and contributor employer, in addition to name. If you don’t have an employer or you’re retired, write N/A, and if you are self-employed write “self-employed” in Employer and describe your occupation. By contributing, you hereby affirm the following:

  1. I am not a foreign national who lacks permanent residence in the United States.
  2. This contribution is made from my own funds, and not those of another.
  3. I am at least eighteen years old.

How to Donate

It’s easy, fast, and safe to give online to the Harris for House campaign committee. Or, if you’d like to help us maximize your donation, consider writing a check and mailing it to the campaign.

Steven Harris

WV House of Delegates Candidate

960 Chestnut Ridge, Apt. 208, Morgantown, WV 26505

David Coram

Harris for House Treasurer

P.O. Box 4172
Morgantown, WV 26504

Donate In-Kind

The Harris for House campaign committee welcomes all types of help. You can also give in-kind contributions, that is something of value, aside from money. Food, drink, and entertainment costs associated with fundraising can be given, as can the use of a cell phone, or use of a car for a parade, discounts of a ticket or item price, use of a home for a fundraiser, etc.

How Donations Are Used

West Virginia law governs campaign contributions.

Examples of Allowable Expenses

  • Office expenses, overhead costs for headquarters, and for costs related to postage.
  • Candidates who do not have headquarters may purchase or rent filing cabinets, other office equipment and furnishings, computers, computer hardware and software, scanners, typewriters, calculators, audio visual equipment.
  • Paid legitimate advertisements for the promotion of the candidate on the ballot.
  • Costs related to public meetings and political conventions such as food, drink, and entertainment.
  • Necessary traveling and hotel expenses.
  • Costs incurred with petitions for nomination of candidates.
  • Lists of registered voters, investigating an individual’s right to vote and conducting proceedings to prevent unlawful registration or voting.
  • Taking voters to the polls.
  • Securing publication in newspapers, radio, and television broadcasting of information that is relevant to an election.
  • Conducting a public opinion poll or polls.
  • Legitimate advertising agency services.
  • The purchase of memorials, flowers or citations by political party executive committees or political action committees representing a political party.
  • The purchase of nominal, noncash expressions of appreciation following the close of the polls of an election or within thirty days thereafter.
  • The payment of dues or subscriptions to any national, state, local, or legislative caucus committee of any political party.
  • To employ persons to perform functions enumerated in WV Code §3-8-9, either on a fulltime, part-time, or temporary basis.
  • Transfers to any national, state, or local committee of any political party when that committee is acting as a vendor.
  • Legal and accounting services.
  • Food and drink for campaign-related purposes.