Steven Harris

Secretary of State ★ West Virginia

 First Responder, America first patriot, Conservative.  

Why I’m Running

My goal is to serve you in Charleston, It breaks my heart to see so many people who distrust our state elections and my main priority is to bring security and transparency back into our elections. We cannot have a democracy when only one side believes in our elections. We have to fight back to save our state and our nation. You need an America first patriot in this position to ensure election integrity. You need me! I am a First Responder and a young new face for West Virginia! We have to fight back and secure our State from radicals who want to control you and your way of life. Choose me, choose freedom. 

Steven Harris, WV House 81 Candidate, walks with Delegate Joe Statler (R-Monongalia, 77) with the WV Capitol dome in the background.

The Leadership WE NEED NOW!

About Steven

 Steven is a fifth-generation West Virginian and is excited to meet local citizens and work to earn your vote to become Secretary of State.  He brings a fresh, informed perspective on political issues steeped in his experiences growing up in rural Appalachia. 

Harris serves our community as a First Responder while working to complete his baccalaureate Pre-med degree at West Virginia University. He understands broad political ideologies, with an ability to synthesize and practically apply these understandings through local conversations he has with citizens, and initiatives he’s exposed to and has a chance to experience firsthand.

Steven brings an important perspective of young West Virginians, and the future of our state, coupled with the ability to work in unison with diverse stakeholders, constituents, and policymakers to accomplish whatever task is at hand. As someone who will be able to work with political leadership in West Virginia’s Legislature, Steven will be an effective leader who can ensure security and transparency.

Steven Harris’s primary political goals include Election integrity! Establish election transparency and fight to ensure our elections can be trusted. As well I want to fight to assist small business owners with anything they may need. Small businesses are the backbone of the WV economy and we have to make sure we provide the utmost assistance to help keep them performing. 

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